• My short story is now .99 on Amazon

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    My short story Bar None from the Realms of Our Own anthology series is now .99 on Amazon and I thought I’d share.  You can find it HERE or paste the below link into your browser and find it that way.

  • Squire “Skip” Wells Memorial Service

    One more Marine reporting, sir, I've served my time in Hell
    One more Marine reporting, sir, I’ve served my time in Hell

    Squire “Skip” Wells, Lance Corporal United States Marine Corps April 24, 1994 – July 16, 2015

    The memorial service for a young Marine I’ve never met was held this evening at Sprayberry Highschool. Some will say I’m trying to garner publicity by piggybacking on a public event. I don’t care. Those who know me, know me and the rest can go hang. So why did I go?

    I went because I could. I went because Skip couldn’t. I went because there are thousands and thousands of others in Georgia and across this nation who would have gone if they could, but weren’t able to go. I went because I may not have ever met Skip, but we’ve both met the same challenges presented to Marines for centuries as they step onto the same yellow footprints at a Marine Corps Recruiting Depot. Skip endured the descendants of the same obnoxious sand fleas whose ancestors I met several decades prior. Skip met the same rigorous standards of Marine Corps boot camp I did, and earned the same Eagle, Globe, and Anchor I earned.

    Skip chose that mantle for some of the same reasons I did, I learned tonight. He thought the principles of fairness for every person embodied in our country, its founding documents, and it’s presence on the face of the earth were more important than his own personal liberty; and he was willing to give that liberty up for a time to preserve it. Turns out, his sacrifice was more lasting than my own.

    The image I posted is a piece of commissioned art I own with the card from Skips memorial service.  The art is by an artist named Wayne Vansant. I met him at a comic book convention and commissioned a piece. He asked me what I wanted and I told him I was a Marine and to surprise me. He drew the pencil and ink drawing with the chorus of a very famous cadence that goes like this:

    “And when he gets to Heaven, To St. Peter he will tell, Another Marine reporting, sir, I’ve served my time in Hell.”

    Another Marine reporting sir, he’s served his time in Hell.

    Semper Fi Skip, rest easy son, you’ve served your time in Hell.

  • To the Guardians of Love and Tolerance-3

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    ChristiansInTheColesiumCongratulations, you won a victory.…and did what with it? You decry those people of faith as not showing love to their neighbor and then did what? Rubbed their noses in your victory as you cavorted around the bonfire in triumph paying little if any heed to those around you. You call those people of faith hateful and intolerant and then did what? You demonstrated the tolerance of differing views by swarming and spewing venom against anyone who had anything negative to say about Friday’s SCOTUS decision.

    I know of no less than five people on my friends list who have decided to reevaluate how they participate in Facebook based on the love and tolerance they were shown over the last 96 hours. Two people of faith are taking a hiatus from Facebook for at least six weeks because of the disparaging comments they received while trying to discuss the ruling, two are quitting Facebook altogether because they no longer see any value for Christian people of faith in the Facebook community, and one who refuses to interact at all as their faith leads them for fear they might lose their job if their employer discovers their personal beliefs. The Guardians of Love and Tolerance have done a fantastic job representing their name-sakes.

    It is for the five I know of who are not currently on Facebook or able to respond that I write this post. The activity on their newsfeeds says a lot about the people on their “Friends List”. Their “friends” either don’t know them very well, doubtful. Or, their “friends” don’t care about their beliefs. The third option being they have some reason justifying why they are acting in a way that demonstrates neither love nor tolerance. This last option though implies that it is okay under certain circumstances to be hateful or intolerant, and that just can’t be true because, well, because the self-appointed Guardians of Love and Tolerance tell us there is no time when it is acceptable to treat our neighbor with anything but love and tolerance.

    I would suggest you review how you acted over the course of the last 96 hours. If everything you’ve posted, said, and done seems good, right, and true to you, so be it. However, should you find your Friends List has shr