The Clockwork Sergeant Major is Live

Book 1 of the Gear Grunt saga begins here

I went and did a thing today. My novella, The Clockwork Sergeant Major: A Gear Grunt Tale Book 1 went live on Amazon’s KDP platform.

A while back one of the Facebook writer’s groups I’m in put out a project to do retellings of classic fairytales in either science fiction or clockpunk style. I’d never done a clockpunk tale before and the only fairytale left that intrigued me was Puss N’ Boots. Almost instantly the aging military veteran turned Walmart greeter sitting in a gear repair shop sprang to mind as the replacement for the hero-cat, Puss. The only problem: how to put him into boots? That’s how we got to the one of the early, opening paragraphs in the story…

The thought of scars naturally moved his gaze to his legs.  In a sitting position the tops of his thighs shone brightly in the shop’s lamp light.  The brass reflected the flickering gaslight with a mirror-like shine.  He lingered there, but frowned, knowing he could not resist looking lower.  His knees parted and revealed not a continuation of shiny brass, but exposed leather pulleys, gears, and struts.  His mind took him back to the fateful day of the cart accident, but his lenses whirred back into his head as his hands covered his audio receptors, trying desperately to shut out the sights and sounds of that day.  He rocked slowly in his chair until the old images faded, which felt like longer than it actually was.  He was able to refocus his lenses, let the irises open, and lower his arms.  An audible click issued from his right shoulder.  That was new.

For more, you’ll simply have to buy the book on Amazon HERE (or here

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