Happy Birthday Army

Happy Birthday Army

June 14th, 1775 the US Army is Born

Two-hundred and forty-six years ago an all-volunteer force was raised to help secure the independence of anew nation, and they’ve been helping secure liberty for those descendants every since.

If you want to learn more, click through to the US Army’s history sight listed HERE.

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Patricia Ringo

Thank you so much for showing Your Brothers and Sisters in Arms so much love today!. I personally have a Son (EOD STAFF SERGEANT,ARMY) And knowing what it’s like to be a Member of an ELITE FAMILY. Civilians just don’t get it!. And it’s really heart warming to see someone who actually lives by GOD, FAMILY, FLAG. Just wanted to say it’s breathtaking. And by the way, your dog is adorable. He looks like he’s a character!.