My Vineyard is Overrun

Reading the Book of Proverbs using the chapter to be read as the day of the month is a simple and easy devotion. It is one I fall back on regularly. I figure if I read them often enough, perhaps some of the wisdom will stick. From time to time, one of the passages jumps out and becomes something more. Today, verse nineteen did that.


I tend to be lazy when it comes to cleaning and yard work. Additionally, I have discovered I just can’t grow grass at all. My backyard is an overgrown jungle literally taller than my dog, who is a 100lbs German Shepherd breed. I need to address that. I need to address a lot of things in my life like this, both figuratively and literally.

The current season of my life has me working an hourly job make only a few dollars more than my eighteen-year-old daughter. I am 53. I’m here by choice. I’m here by the leadings of the Holy Spirit…I think. My previous job put me in the position of continuing to work there or standing on my principles. They believed I would fold and continue to work there. After five years, you would think they would know me better than that, but that was perhaps one of the many problems with that place. God seems to have other plans. I like God’s plans better than mine once they come to fruition. I just wish He would let me in on the idea sooner, but it is probably better that He doesn’t. I’d only get in the way and mess it up.

Verse nineteen hit me so hard I stopped reading to put together the graphic and pen this missive. After the above paragraph, I returned to reading…and stopped again. I put together the graphic next to this paragraph (or close to it) for verse twenty. The two are bookends for me today. I’m going to continue to walk His path and do the things I see Him putting before me with contentment, patience (I hope), and joy, but I’d still like to know more of the ‘why.’

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