Archery Building Up

I'm building up Archery

I recently purchased a new bow. I’ll link to it somewhere if I can find it online. Mickey at Adventure Outdoors (local gun store and archery supplies store) helped me pick it out. He also worked with me on my form.

I’ve always loved archery back from my days in middle school at St. Georges in Spokane, Washington. We had a small archery range there. For PE, you could check out a bow, arrows, and equipment. We’d shoot for the entire PE class.

One day talking with my kids, the subject came up, and they both thought it would be great fun, so I went out and bought some equipment. I got them a small 10lbs pull bow and myself a 25lbs bow. We also got about four different types of arrows.

While shooting, I had trouble just hitting the target, and so did my children. When I went to work for Adventure Outdoors, I mentioned the problem to Mickey, the archery expert. He suggested I bring in my equipment, and he’d do what he could.


I put it off, and I put it off, but finally, the day came that I brought in my quiver of arrows and the bow. The first thing he said was, “So, you’re shooting a youth bow. Check. We can fix that.” Yep, as a grown man, I was trying to pull and shoot a 25lbs Bear youth bow. I had no idea.
Mickey helped me pick out an appropriate 62 inch, 45lbs Aspen model take-down bow from Center Point Archery. He set me up with a dozen 30in arrows and field tips and gave me some pointers. Now, I mostly hit the target (mostly), and I know enough to correct my inconsistencies. Couple that with the new fence so I don’t lose the arrows in the back forty, and I’m having great fun with archery again.

I’m building up my archery skills. This is a good arm-strength exercise for me. It also gets my fat behind out of the office chair, away from the computer, and outside. The dog and I have a good time in the backyard with this one. So, what are you building up?

Archery Update

Today is August 2, 2021. I have nine arrows now and put 108 shots downrange every day I shoot. I try to shoot everyday. Since the first post, I’ve been trying to get all my shots on the target or “in the box” as I’ve been calling it. Today, I missed with four shots, and lost a fletch on one arrow but it still flies true enough for my ability. I was not feeling very good about my efforts until I realized two things. First, I’m consistently getting three or four arrows in the circle, which is good. Second, This is my last flight of nine and I got six arrows in the circle today, a personal best. Also, that is a fairly tight group. I’m happy about that grouping and the count inside the circle. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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