New TORG Eternity Adventure Soon!

Short and Sweet: I will have a new one-act adventure for TORG Eternity out soon. You can get it for .99, but only if you’ve already gotten a copy of my first adventure Rooting out Orrorsh which is pay what you want (see link at the bottom).
TL;DR: Digital Demons: Prelude is a one-act adventure for Beta Tier with a new threat, the Intrus Demon. This adventure offers a sample map for the Barcelona Sector in the GodNet with a variant set of rules for hacking inside the net. This mission also has original art for the Intrus Demon along with a standee JPG to be used in your favorite online gaming platform or to be printed for use on the tabletop.
When this adventure is released, it will be listed on DriveThruRPG for $2.99. However, if you have already purchased a copy of the one-act adventure, Rooting Out Orrorsh, you will receive a coupon code reducing the cost of Digital Demons to $.99. This code will only be good for one or two weeks after the initial release and then be turned off.
Below are details about the one-act mission Rooting Out Orrorsh reading below will give you information about the game-play of the mission.
Rooting Out Orrorsh is a one-act adventure set in Core Earth but with a twist. Someone has planted a nightmare tree in a quiet suburban neighborhood. At night, three houses transform into Victorian brownstones, and strange occurrences have been seen in and around those homes. This mission has a new Alpha Tier threat in it, the Eyes in the Mist, and a full Dramatic Skill Resolution for uprooting a nightmare tree. This mission is Pay What You Want with a suggested price of $.99.
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