The Torg Eternity Mission Digital Demons: Prelude is LIVE!

Digital Demons: Prelude for Torg Eternity
This module can be found on the Infiniverse Exchange at HERE

At long-last Act 1 of Digital Demons is up and available at The link is in the caption for the cover image above but I’ll include it as a text link here so you can copy and paste it if you’re more comfortable that way.

This is a Torg Eternity game supplement for Beta-tier Storm Knights. I’ll include the blurb from DriveThruRPG at the end of this.

Until April 18th, there is also a coupon active to get the mission for 50% off the regular price of $3.99. To get that deal you have to use this LINK so the DriveThru system recognizes the purchase as the discounted one.

If you like this adventure consider picking up the pay-what-you-want adventure Rooting Out Orrorsh as well.

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