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Rooting Out Orrorsh for Torg Eternity

Rooting out Orrorsh is a Torg: Eternity Adventure for the Infiniverse Exchange in 1 Act and 4 Scenes. It is designed for four to six Alpha Clearance Storm Knights, set in a Core Earth Dominant zone by day which becomes a Mixed Zone of Core Earth and Orrorsh by night. The run time for this adventure should be around 4 hours long.

This adventure adds one new creature, Eyes in the Mist, and an optional expansion on the Nightmare Tree. Become familiar with the ravagon, the Core Earth police officer, and the Gospog of the First Planting. Both the police and the gospog appear in this mod. The ravagon has the potential to appear if the heroes wait more than one evening to confront the Eyes in the Mist. Also, the Nightmare Tree and the Dimthread Tree appear in the TORG Eternity Core Rules book in the GM’s Guide under the section titled Secrets of the War: Orrorsh.

This adventure is a Pay What You Want and is free to download. However, if you enjoy the content please consider donating the suggested $.99 and submit a review (independent authors live by reviews).

The Near Now...

Later today, early tomorrow, some time next week, the world began to end.

Torg Eternity

They came from other cosms—other realities—raiders joined together to steal teh Earth’s living energy…to consume its possibilities. The Possibility Raiders brought with them their own realities, turning portions of our planet into someplace else.

Led by the Guant Man—self-proclaimed TOrg of the cosmverse—the High Lords each claimed a piece of the Earth for themselves. Baruk Kaah, Pharaoh Mobius, Lord Uthorion, Pope Jean-Malraux I, Kanawa-sama, and the Gaunt Man; each has established his primitive, pulp, dark fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror realms on our world, setting the conquest in motion.

But the invasion did not go as the Gaunt Man planned. His millennia of preparation did not take into account the Storm Knights—men and women who weathered the raging reality storms that transformed the planet, reaining their own realities when everything around them changed. Through their actions, these heroes neutralized the Gaunt Man and helped bring the Infiniverse into being. By reflecting the cosmverse over and over, all possibilities became real in an infinite instant. If Earth was destroyed in one cosmverse, tehre was a chance that it would survive in another. The conquest had been delayed…for now.

Now, throughout the Infiniverse, on a million-million Earhts, the remaining High Lords battle to control the awesome possibility energy of Earth—to become the Torg. And if the Storm Knights cannot stop them, then every Earth will die…

Welcome to the world of Torg Eternity, the Delphi Council, Storm Knights, and the Possibility Wars. This is the cinematic role playing game of Torg Eternity as presented for the Infiniverse Exchange, a community-created content forum on based on the Ulisses North America game. All images on this page are from the Infiniverse Exchange Illustration packs you can download for free off DriveThruRPG, are used with permission, and under the Community Content Agreement for the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE.

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