Published Works

December 2013 published an article I wrote about the night I first set foot onto Parris Island for Marine Corps boot camp Here.

December 2013 opinion article discussing Pastor Rick Joyner’s comments concerning a coup in America HERE.

March 1, 2012 Yahoo! Voices published my short story, The Extra Terrestrial Illegal Alien Problem found HERE.  If and when it comes down I’ll post a screen capture of it on the website.

I have the following published works, in chronological order…

Dragon Magazine #313 November 2003 My first published work for money an article titled Adventures Askew in the DM’s tool box section listed on the official Paizo site HERE. I have uploaded a scan of the article from Dragon Magazine #313 if you’d like to read it HERE.

The Dart Blossom, a monster on p. 47 of Sword Sorcery Studio’s Creature Collection II: Savage Bestiary, which is copyright 2003.

Inside Kung Fu September 2004 issue article on then 4th degree Master Michael Reid and how he used his Kung Fu and Tai Chi while he was in the NFL as a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons HERE.

The Dragon Lice (p. 177) and Mountain Nautilus (p. 194) of Sword Sorcery Studio’s Strange Lands: Lost Tribes of the Scarred Lands, which turned out to be the last published in 2004.

Inside Kung Fu September 2008 issue article on Master Terrance Walker and his involvement with the BET television show Iron Ring HERE.