No Compromise Ever Again

No Compromise Ever Again

Never Again Call for Compromise or Bipartisanship

I never again want to hear the call from the Left about compromise or bipartisanship when the GOP is in control. Ever. Right now, September 22, 2021, with a progressive-left majority in all three branches of government, there is not one single hand reaching across the aisle, no one offering a compromise to the Republicans, no one even asking the GOP to participate in a bipartisan manner. It’s their way or the highway.

This should be a surprise to no one. If it is a surprise to you are new to being a political wonk, you haven’t been paying attention, or you are willfully ignoring what has gone before. I’m being kind in ignoring the fourth option, which is ignorance or stupidity.

Never again.

Those two camps you could not talk to if you didn’t parrot support for their candidate.

The democrats are purposefully shutting out the republicans because right now, they are trying to tie every single political figure with an R after their name to January 6 and what they claim was supposedly an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States. I’m not going even to entertain that subject because the very idea of entertaining the subject lends too much validity to something that is, on the face of it, absurd.

If you actually believe what happened on January 6 was an insurrection, please never comment on any post I ever post again because you aren’t willing to look at facts. Trump Derangement Syndrome has affected you to the point that facts cannot get to you. I morn for you there.

No, I will not post those facts for you because that too lends credence to the absurd. Go learn to research on your own and find the information. It is out there. If you’ve researched it, you still contend that January 6 was an “insurrection,” that’s fine, but I’m lumping you into the category of “Partisan Zealot” and undebatable. That’s your call too.

I was in this camp when Barack Hussein Obama was elected and in office for eight years. However, during the election of 2016, I learned something about myself. During that election, I was not a Trump supporter. I supported and campaigned for Ted Cruz. I attempted to debate a myriad of republican candidate supporters and could have a conversation with all of them except one camp—Trump’s supporters.

During the campaign of 2016, you could have a conversation with anyone in politics except two camps: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters and Donald Trump’s supporters. Those two camps you could not talk to if you didn’t parrot support for their candidate. In every case, no matter how blatant the evidence was to the contrary of their position, there was always something wrong with it so that it could be dismissed. Always. They were zealots who could not be reasoned with on any subject.

I had hoped that when Trump lost the election, those who voted for and supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would have a similar awakening to their intransigence, but that has not been the case. I will not have a conversation with zealots, and those who refuse to criticize the disaster that is the Biden/Harris administration or who believe January 6 was an insurrection simply so they can maintain the impeachment of Donald J. Trump was righteous are zealots.

Hope I wasn’t unclear.

Digging Deeper

  • Who was Ashley Babbitt and what happened to her?
  • Where is the video showing the “armed insurrectionists”?
  • Why are those arrested and still incarcerated as of this writing held in solitary confinement?
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