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I'm posting Sunday School Lessons on Substack

For the year in 2022 I will be leading my Sunday school class once again. This year, I am basing the entire year’s material off the four Advent lessons I did plus the lesson right before New Years. This series is titled Light on a Lampstand. The four Advent lessons, the end of year lesson, and all 44 lessons for the entire year will be posted on the Friday before the Sunday each lesson is taught. This will all be posted for FREE! On the paid side I will post a weekly devotion and discuss my personal responses to the “Questions for the Week” section from the prior Sunday. In the comments section on each post I will address and answer as many questions/comments as I can (when there are any). Come join the Cadre over on Substack, Facebook, or right here and let’s be the light to a world in darkness together.
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