Wars and Rumors of Wars: Are we in the end-times and does it matter?

In late October I filled in for Jim Perry at East Cobb United Methodist Church’s Wednesday night Hot Topics class again. At that time Libyan rebels had captured Gaddafi and ultimately executed. At the same time another news story ran about how despite all the reports of bombings and beheadings we really did live in a more peaceful world. With all the wars, earthquakes, natural disasters, and other tragedies surrounding us the questions we discussed where, are we entering the end times? Does that answer matter? If we are entering the end times should we do anything about it? If these questions intrigue you I invite you to download the attached PDF for the full text used during the discussion. You can email me with any questions at thecavalier@firstchevalier.com. Thanks.

If this interests you Jim Perry hosts the Hot Topics class every Wednesday night after East Cobb’s Wednesday Night Supper. It is a one hour (roughly) discussion of current events and how Christians can view those events through God’s word as contained in the Bible. I invite you to join us, or email me questions/comments at TheCavalier@firstchevalier.com

The PDF Document
Wars and Rumors of Wars