The Templars’ Return


Billy Ransom continues to grapple with the idea that Angels and Demons are real as he works with the top secret Guardian program to protect his country. While searching for the terrorist Robert Dante the Guardians discover he can completely disappear off the face of the Earth and no one can figure out how he does the impossible.  That is until two Frenchmen arrive claiming to be friends, but knowing far too much about the Ether, Billy, and even the existence of the Guardian’s hidden base.  Billy must find Robert Dante before he can kill again, protect those he cares about, and sort out friend from foe or his may be the next soul lost in the ongoing battle between Heaven and Hell.


This is the Guardians of the Herald Book 2: The Templars’ Return web serial compiling the issues 46-107 into book form. The cover price of $8.99 (plus shipping of course and sales tax if you live in the state of Georgia) gets you the ease and convenience of the printed word in something tangible you can hold in your hands. Join our news letter (HERE) and be sure you know when book three comes out. Also, if you’d like an autographed copy including The Paladin short story go HERE.

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