It is Easy to Play Torg Eternity Online

Torg Eternity
Torg Eternity Possibility

It is easy to play Torg Eternity Online

Ulisses Spiel International is doing their part. They are making components for a number of their games Pay What You Want on They started with The Dark Eye, a fantasy role playing game set in the world of Aventuria. Now, they are doing the same thing with everything you need to play Torg Eternity online with either Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds (Full Disclosure: I use Roll20 but have never tried Fantasy Grounds.) Stay at Home and Play Torg Eternity is a post that has all the details but I’ll summarize and link here as well. But now it has never been easier to play Torg Eternity online thanks to what Ulisses Spiel is doing.


The bullets to the right summarize the topics covered in this post. If you are already familiar with Torg Eternity then feel free to click the links above but make sure you venture over to Ulisses Spiel North America’s site and the original post in the Stay at Home and Play Torg Eternity link above. This post is designed to give you everything you need to make it easy to play Torg Eternity online.

  1. What is Torg Eternity?
  2. What do I need to play Torg Eternity?
  3. What has Ulisses Spiel made Pay What you Want and Where?
  4. What is Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds?
Torg Eternity
The Near Now... Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week, the world began to end.

1. What is Torg Eternity?

Torg Eternity Is the reboot of the 80’s game from West End Games called simply Torg. During development at West End Games the working title was simply The Other Role-playing Game. The acronym stuck and it has been Torg ever since.

Torg is a genre-mashing role-playing game designed to let you create a character from one of any number of genre’s of game: cyberpunk, gothic horror, fantasy, modern-day, corporate-tech, pulp-heroes, prehistoric Earth, or techno-horror. The game mechanics allow for all those character types to co-exist together within the same game mechanic. This means in the same combat round a prehistoric caveman can attack a mad scientist’s mechanized ape with his spear while a dwarf wielding a tommy gun can mow down hordes of scarabs along side a corporate security guard using psionics.

The gameis designed to not only allow for genre-mashing, but encourage it. Each genre is contained inside what the game calls a Cosm. This is where that genre’s rules called World Laws exist and shape reality. The characters are called Storm Knights and they have the ability to not only carry their own reality with them into different cosms but alter and manipulate reality as well through spending possibilities.

The game is less crunchy than most role-playing games being designed to be a more cinematic style of game play. Game mechanics include a limited number of tokens per character called Possibilities that can be spent to alter game play. There is an exploding die mechanic, and a mechanic unique to Torg called the Drama Deck.

The Drama Deck is a deck of Torg cards that are dealt to each player. These cards can be played to increase skill checks, alter game play, and impose penalties on opponents. Cards can be traded between players freely outside of combat but must be played out of pools that are created as combat progresses Cards can also be earned during combat by completing approved actions that are shown on the Game Master’s cards, he or she uses to guide each round’s flavor.

Another unique feature to Torg Eternity is the Bonus Chart. Die rolls are indexed on a simple chart that produces a number. This bonus number is then added to the Storm Knight’s skills to create a total. That total is compared to a Difficulty Number the Game Master has assigned to a task or a target’s defenses. Success becomes a function of whether or not the player’s character met or exceeded the Difficulty Number and by how much. Increased success reaches additional bonus outcomes that are based on Standard, Good, or Outstanding levels of success.

Torg Eternity is broken up into Acts and Scenes just like a play or movie. It is designed to be cinematic in it’s action and play. This format lends itself to setting the tone for that cinematic style. Several game mechanics flow around scenes and acts including powers and abilities, spell limitations, and resetting the availability of Storm Knight possibilities.

2. What do I need to play Torg Eternity?

There are not a massive array of miniatures needed nor a large-scale grid map required to play Torg Eternity. All that is required for in-person play are a copy of the Torg eternity Core Rules, the Drama Deck, chips or tokens to represent Possibilities, at least one d20, and one d6 though I highly recommend using four of each due to the exploding die mechanic. The Game Master will also need the Destiny Deck as well as Cosm Cards. Add paper, pencil, and a fertile imagination and you are off and running. That’s it.

Gaming Dice
Natural 20's are always welcome.

Experience is awarded based on the completion of Acts. Individual adventures are comprised of Acts that are broken down into scenes. The next section in this post list out what Ulisses Spiel has posted that can be downloaded at no cost. Additionally, has an entire section of community and publisher created content that are both free and for a fee. It is highly recommended that if you download anything for free that you at least leave a review as the price of the material. This helps not only the community understand what is and is not contained in the material, but reviews are the life’s-blood of independent authors. Leaving a review is your best way to encourage content creators to make more stuff, and gives you a way to direct that content by indicating your thoughts.

Click on the image to visit the Infiniverse Exchange on has loads of content for your favorite RPG as well as more for Torg Eternity.

3. What has Ulisses Spiel made Pay What You Want and Where?

  • Up the Creek Quickstart guide
  • Drama Deck PDF
  • Burden of Glory GenCon 2017 adventure
  • Death of the Mystery Men GenCon 2018 adventure
  • Ruins of the Living Land adventure
  • Free RPG Day Special adventure

If’ you’re not familiar with and you’re a gamer, you should be. DriveThruRPG has loads of content from both game publishers as well as the very creative community that frequents the site. The “Pay What You Want” tag essentially means you are allowed to download the content and pay nothing if you would like, however, there is a suggested price that can be paid if you choose but it is not required. All content has a review feature that, is not required but is useful for returning feedback to the publisher as well as letting others in the community learn more about the content before downloading.

I have also authored an adventure that is up on DriveThru in the Pay What You Want category called Rooting Out Orrorsh. This adventure is free to download or a suggested price of only .99. If you do download it, please leave a review. If you’d like to learn more about the one-act adventure you can see the write up Here.

4. What is Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds?

Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds are two online collaborative game-play sites. These sites are very much like a video conference with tools built in to display maps, build character sheets, display monsters and opponents, roll dice, have voice and video communication if desired, and generally facilitate game play over the internet. They both are free to set up accounts but also have a pay-wall behind which additional functionality resides. Both are feature-rich in the free game play level but have super-helpful aspects for those who choose to subscribe.

Torg Eternity lends itself very well to online play. If you have’t ventured into the world of role-playing games online, now is the perfect opportunity. Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds make it very easy to game anytime, from anywhere, using what you have right now. By way of full disclosure, Roll20 is where I currently both play and run Torg Eternity online.

Roll20 Logo
Play RPGs online with Roll20
Play RPGs online at Fantasy Grounds

Whether you’re a cop form Core Earth, a dwarven warrior in dragon armor, or a psionic ninja from Pan Pacifica it has never been easier to fight the High Lords and the Gaunt Man than it is right now. Ulisses Spiel’s release of a number of titles makes it easy to play Torg Eternity online right now. Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds give you the gaming space, the publisher has given you the material. All you need to do is give the game your time and you are in for a world of adventure. Come see what is possible in the world of Torg Eternity.

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