Post Election 2016 Meal

Congratulations President-elect Donald Trump. For those of you who do not know me, I was and am #NeverTrump. I jousted with many Trump supporters about his inability to beat Hillary Clinton, and I was wrong. I said he couldn’t beat her, and I was wrong. I said the Trump campaign couldn’t win without Conservative votes, and I was wrong.

Now, prove me wrong on the other things I said, because I truly hope you are right on this and I am again wrong. Here is a link to a list from the Washington Post compiled from the things Donald J. Trump promised to do if elected. There are 76 things on this list the Washington Post claims he said he would do. I hope he does them because, frankly several of these fill me with great hope if he will accomplish them. Among those things that fill me with hope are repealing the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, installing term limits on the House and Senate, appointing conservative Supreme Court justices, and reforming the tax code to name a few.

I hope you are right on these things. I really do. I intend to keep watch and hold him accountable. He is the American president now so he represents all Americans, not just those who worked his campaign. This is a solemn duty. Please don’t make me ashamed of my representative to the world. Good luck and God bless America and our leaders.

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