New 5 Star Review for Guardians of the Herald

A book that seems to effortlessly combine science fiction with spiritual warfare. Keeps you turning the page to see what happens next.

The ebook just picked up another five-star review from Robert Bishop, you can read HERE. Full disclosure: Robert is a kickstarter participant who contributed at the Angel level and a friend of mine but he did the review of his own accord.


This is just in time for the return of the web serial with the beginning of book three when issue 108 posts in July. Shortly thereafter we’ll start the next kickstarter campaign to get book two made.

Now is your chance to hop on over to our store and pick up your autographed copy of book one and get caught up before we start it all back up again HERE. Plus, the autographed bundle comes with a short story interlude between book one and two you can get nowhere else. If a physical book isn’t for you, the ebook is available on Amazon HERE and we’ll have book two there shortly as well, then you too can leave your review and tell the world what you think about Guardians of the Herald: Angels and Demons…who’s side are you on?

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