Guardians of the Herald – Issue #40

Guardians Logo Draft IIPolice had been coming and going in the room for some time since they bashed the door in and Robert Dante escaped in the inky black cloud with Rabdos, the demon.  Billy and Angela remained for a bit to see what the police could find, though from their conversations Billy gathered they didn’t know what to make of the bloody thumbprint in the bottom right corner of the blank paper.

The angel Mihr still lay on the floor where he’d fallen.  Initially, he had been moaning in pain from the burns that covered his legs below the knees.  The moaning stopped once Theliel knelt beside him and laid her hand on his shoulder.  Angela remained distracted by her injured companion, much to Billy’s annoyance.

I can’t believe he got away again, Billy said, throwing up his hands in disgust.

He had help, Angela said, not turning away from the injured Mihr.

Yeah.  That little demon guy, Rabdos, is getting annoying, Billy responded.

Angela knelt next to Mihr and Theliel.  Both angels smiled at her as she placed her hand on his shoulder too.  Will you be alright?

His injuries are not grave, Theliel said.  Given time bathed in the bosom of your love for him, he will heal.

Does it hurt? Angela asked.

Not while Theliel ministers to me, no.  The pain will return when she departs though, Mihr said.

I wish there was something I could do, Angela implored.

Continue to hold a place of love for me in your heart, and I’ll be fine in time, Mihr said smiling at his charge.

At my church we always pray for the peace and healing of God when someone is injured, Angela said.  Could we pray for you now, together?

That would be nice.  Yes, I’d like that, Mihr said laying his hand on Angela’s arm.

Billy, come pray with us for Mihr’s healing.  Angela knelt by Mihr and Theliel, then shifted her weight and held out her hand, inviting Billy to join them.

A self-consciousness enveloped Billy at the idea of praying in front of other people.  He wasn’t sure he knew how or even if he could.  He flushed with embarrassment as he sought a way out of the awkward situation.

Umm, the police may have found something on this thumb print over here, Billy said, turning to face the two officers examining the piece of paper now shrouded in a protective plastic bag.  Besides, I think Dante saw us.  How is that possible?

No way he could see you, Cherry.  You’re imagining things, Colonel Peters said over the net.  Angela dropped her hand and hung her head a moment before turning to take Theliel’s hand in hers.

Billy watched out of the corner of his eye as the three bowed their heads and began quietly praying.  No sooner had Angela begun mumbling her supplications to God than Mihr’s posture suddenly shifted.  Billy turned his head slightly to get a better look and he watched as white light began slowly drifting from Angela’s hands down Mihr’s body until it enveloped his injured legs.  Theliel opened her eyes wide but continued to pray as she watched Mihr’s wounds rapidly and miraculously heal.  Angela continued to mumble her prayers giving no indication she knew anything was happening at all.

Archangel, what kind of data are you getting from Guardian Three right now? Billy asked.

Stand by, Colonel Peters answered.

Holy Crap! Sergeant Sanchez exclaimed on the net.  Her sensory feeds are off the charts but pulse and blood pressure are surprisingly low.

Angela opened her eyes and stopped her prayer.  The light faded from view but not before Mihr’s injuries faded from his legs, leaving his tattered and burnt robe as the only indication anything had happened to him.  Theliel looked at Angela with a wide-eyed expression.

You have the gift of healing, child, Theliel said.  How long have you had this?

Mihr stood and tested his legs.  He looked from Theliel to Angela and back down at his legs in amazement.  He turned and hopped, testing their strength and found them as good as new, then he smiled.  Praise be to God.

Hosanna in the highest, Theliel answered.  Angela stared at her hands then looked at both Theliel and Mihr.  Mihr smiled at her and hugged her hard.

Cherry, what just happened there?  Guardian Three’s sensory feeds just dropped back to normal but her pulse and respiration have picked up dramatically, Sergeant Sanchez reported.

Well, Heaven, Guardian Three and Theliel just, Billy struggled to find the right words for what he’d seen.  Well, they just healed Guardian Three’s angel.  Didn’t you see it on the feed?

Yeah, we saw it Cherry.  We’ll analyze that later.  We need you both back on task now, Colonel Peters ordered.

Exactly what are we going to do to Dante when we find him next?  We can’t touch him, Angela asked, somewhat perturbed at being pulled away from the happy moment.

Dante is now a denier of the truth.  He is open to the full wrath of God against all who hold the truth in unrighteousness, Theliel said.

Look, I don’t know who you are, but stay off our comms, Colonel Peters ordered.  You two get back to The Pit so we can reacquire the target.  We’ll call in LEOs to deal with him according to protocol.

Angela and the angels ignored Peter’s orders, but Billy crossed the room to stand next to Angela.  That’s from Romans isn’t it? Angela asked.  Mihr and Theleil both nodded.

So we just do nothing and let God deal with him? Billy asked.

No.  Dante has chosen his path clearly before you all here today, Mihr said.  It is up to you to choose what you will do about his choice.

Why is it up to us to choose? Billy asked.

Hey! Colonel Peters shouted.  I just gave you orders to get back here.  Now get back here, on the double.

We’re getting more information, Archangel.  If we leave now we won’t be able to continue talking to Mihr and Theliel, Angela said.

We don’t even know who they are, where they’re from, or whose side they’re on, Colonel Peters responded.

Yes we do, Angela said growing somewhat annoyed with her superior.  Why is it up to us?

You have been made instruments of God.  You chose the light, which means you oppose darkness.  Dante has chosen darkness and now stands in opposition to God, and you.

Get off my net, Colonel Peters ordered again.  Tinker, can you get those signals out of our communications net?

No can do Archangel.  I’ve been trying to isolate them ever since they appeared.  I can’t cut them out without removing Cherry or Guardian Three.  They’re too tightly connected, Sergeant Sanchez reported.

Okay then if we have to do something, what do we do?  We can’t affect him in the ether any more than he can affect us, Angela said.

First, you will have to sever his bond with Rabdos the Strangler or his powers will grow and things will only get worse, Theliel said.

Great, we’ve got to kill an axe wielding, fire throwing demon with our bare hands, Billy said holding his hand out as if they couldn’t see them.  How are we supposed to do that without weapons?

Who said you had no weapons? Mihr asked.

Angela and Billy stared blankly at each other.

Guardians, is there something I should know? Archangel asked breaking the long silence.

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