Guardians of the Herald Kickstarter campaing is LIVE!

We’ve just launched a kickstarter project to fund our effort to turn Angels and Demons: Guardians of the Herald Issues 1-45 ebook into a real, honest to God print book.  You’ve been reading the serial on this website for a while now and may have even picked up the compilation from Amazon or Smashwords.  Now, we are working to get a physical book in book stores.

Go HERE to see the project and get in on the ground floor to the first book.  There are nifty rewards and things you’ll only be able to get from the kickstarter campaign.  Check it out and spread the word, Guardians of the Herald is going to print!

For staying in the loop on all the information before anyone else knows it, join The Cadre by entering your email address and other pertinent information HERE.  NOTE: we will never, ever use your email address for anything other than letting you know about things from The Cavalier and FirstChevalier Books.

Here is the full URL:

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