Happy New Year 2013

Yes, I realize this is there days late but oh well, sue me.  I am resolving that 2013 will be the Year of Writing.  I intend to write, write, write all year long.  Every day.  I plan to write something either here or elsewhere spiritual, fiction, or otherwise each and everyday  the entire year long.  My hope is that I can write at least one short story each month and submit the same.  I am also working on a new Christian-based science fiction novel for which I am about 27k words (nine chapters) in already.

The new plan is to submit those new short stories to literary journals in the hopes that I can begin to build a fiction resume that I can use to spring board into an agent for my novel. We’ll see how that goes.

For now, I will journal my activities here as best I can.  This does not count toward the daily writing.  Facebook posts do not count toward the daily writing. Essays on current events do count.  Writing chapters in the new novel do count, and I’m thinking of starting a new serial while maybe ending the old one.  I don’t feel as called to write the post apocalyptic zombie fiction as I did.  I’ll leave it up for now but may take it down also.  If anyone has feelings one way or the other feel free to email me your thoughts and I’ll take that into consideration.