Book 2 The Templars’ Return Kickstarter Project

Okay, I’ve been saying Cadre membership gets you guys stuff you can’t get anywhere else and here it is. The Kickstarter project for Book 2 The Templars’ Return will start on Friday September 16, 2016 BUT you guys can see the project RIGHT NOW HERE (or click on the cover image). PLUS, you can use either the comments field on the preview OR the comments on this post to pre-sign up for your backer level. If you aren’t already a member of The Cadre on the facebook page for my writing you have to join there to be eligible so go HERE to Like the page first.

If we get just 11 people from The Cadre to comment with their backer level committing to participation in the project at ANY LEVEL, I will write a special Guardians of the Herald short story of no less than 3000 words with a coupon code making it free ONLY FOR The Cadre.

We need just 11 people to comment in here or on Kickstarter and EVERYONE gets a free story whether the project funds or not (but we want it to fund right?). So, go look at the project, pick out your backer level, and comment. Then, on Friday the project will go live and we’ll begin 30 days of new issues for Book 3 that will be posting on the website while the Kickstarter is running.

Additionally, this offer is open to new members of The Cadre between now and Friday too so tell all your friends and get them to Like the page. Thanks and let’s make turn another ebook into a real book like we did last time.

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