Right Now

As many of you know, I attend Dragon Con in Atlanta each year with my wife.  While there we attend a church service held by the group Fans For Christ, or FFC.  They have a Facebook page HERE.  This post is encouragement for all my virtual friends at FFC and any other fans of Science Fiction, Fantasty, comic books, and Jesus Christ.  Know that there are many out there praying for safe travels both to and from the con as well as fruitful efforts while there.  Thanks for your efforts, and your time.  See you downtown soon…

Right Now
Right now, right where we are, God can use us just as we are.  We don’t have to lose 20 pounds, save more money, or get that promotion.  God can use us right now.

Initial thoughts range from, ‘how can God use me when I’m so broken’ or, ‘but I’ve done so many bad things and have so many bad habits how can God use me?’  We put human limits on the Creator of the universe, which is laughable on the face of it.  What limit does the divine One who spoke all of existence into being have?  We can rest assured the One who divided the heavens from the firmament is able to weave little old us into His plan without breaking a sweat.  The real question being, are we willing to be used to His purpose rather than trying to bend Him to ours?

The first step is a simple acknowledgment His Son died for our sins.  ‘But I’m a good person.  I don’t do anything wrong or at least not really bad things.’ Really?  This is according to what God says is right and wrong, not man.  Good people occasionally slip up. The Savior didn’t come just for the mortally wounded sinners; He came for the average everyday minor league sinners as well. He came for everyone. He came for the worst of us and the best of us, because we are all human, we all have flaws.  The first of us disobeyed God and eat the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil.  We’ve had free will ever since, and we’ve made bad choices occasionally, ever since.

In the days of the Jews before Jesus’ birth the high priest sacrificed at the temple to wash away people’s misdeeds for everything from cooking the wrong food in the wrong pan to someone’s ox accidentally killing someone.  It was called a sin offering.  The sinner brought the sin offering, an animal or animals without blemish, to the temple. The priest said a prayer over the sacrifice asking that the sins of the person be transported onto the offering.  Then the priest killed the animal, thus slaying the sin.

Jesus Christ came as the once and final sin offering for all mankind.  He was the sacrifice without blemish for all mankind.  Only He was able to live a life without ever breaking Jewish law as outlined in the Old Testament.  When the Romans crucified Jesus they killed every sin ever committed or going to be committed on that cross at Calvary.  Today, right now, everyone is able to receive the forgiveness for every sin we have ever committed or are ever going to commit because of what happened over two thousand years ago if only we will acknowledge the event and what the man, the Son of God did for each of us.

Not tomorrow, not next Monday, not after one more drink or after one more cigarette.  Now.  Today.  Right this second.  We must accept this selfless act on our behalf and begin working to demonstrate how much that sacrifice means to us.  Acknowledging Jesus as our personal savior changes everything right away.  It doesn’t change it tomorrow, or next Monday, or wait until we’ve stopped drinking or smoking.  We become one of God’s saved; His chosen; His favored people at that very moment our heart fully agrees to accept the gift Jesus gave us on that cross.  The gift of forgiving us for whatever wrongs we may have done moves us from a position in the congregation of the dead with no hope of an after life to the congregation of life within the heavenly host; our future secured behind the gates of gold.

This acceptance is not without a price though, and it will be one of the hardest things we have ever done.  Only the truly worthy are able to accomplish it.  No other award or accomplishment will ever be as great as this one, once we get there.  The good news is our coach along the way is the one who wrote the book in the first place.  He’ll guide our steps and keep us on the straight and narrow so long as we choose to listen to Him.  The first step is accepting His Son’s free gift into our heart and confessing Jesus as our personal savior.  The next step is the rest of our lives, and it begins right now…

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