The Paladin – A Guardians of the Herald Short Story


The fall of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon is assured. However, the status of two men’s eternal souls is not. Through secret spiritual discipline The Paladin meets the remaining Templars and their angels in the spiritual realm known as the ether for one last battle who’s outcome is far from assured. The crusaders plan to assault no less a target than the Cathedral at Notre Dame. The Grand-master and his aide have been condemned to be burned at the stake as heretics but it is not the earthly death that concerns the Paladin for the hordes of Hell plan to capture the two holy knight’s souls when they pass as well. This is a fate they do not deserve and the Paladin has sworn to stop or die trying.


The date is March 18, 1314. The king of France, in conjunction with the pope in Rome, has orchestrated the fall of the knights of the Temple of Solomon, the Knights Templar.

A spiritual war has been raging on Earth for centuries, and the Templars are the last order to still know how to use fervent prayer to enter the spiritual realm known as the ether. It is in this unseen world of the ether where Godly men and women have been fighting alongside God’s heavenly host of angels against the demonic forces of Hell, and Hell has been winning.

Recently, the king forced a confession from both Jacques de Molay, the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, and his closest aide, Geoffrey de Charney. The two men however have recanted their confessions and are to be burned at the stake as relapsed heretics. The knights are scattered across both France and the world and cannot prevent an earthly death. However, distance is no obstacle to knights who can enter the spiritual realm, and so one final battle is planned to save the men’s eternal souls.

This short story set in the world of the Guardians of the Herald was originally published as an interlude between Book I Angels and Demons, and Book II The Templars’ Return. The story is 8245 words long and a complete tale designed to be read in between the events of the first and second books.

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