Guardians of the Herald-Christian Science Fiction Serial

I am working on a Christian Science Fiction novel ahead of running a kickstarter campaign to fund the printing. One of the things that makes a successful kickstarter is having an audience that is interested in the subject of the project before you begin the kickstarter. To that end I have built a Facebook page around my writing, which you can find HERE.

In order to give people a reason to keep coming back to the page I am also writing a serial story and posting it on the Facebook page. The serial story is titled Guardians of the Herald. I have the prologue and issue #1 up on the Facebook page (found here Prologue and here Issue #1).

Please check these stories out, and if you like them, ‘like’ the page so you can get the weekly installments. I welcome any and all comments. Thanks for your time.

The Cavalier

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