God Thinks You are “Very Good”

31God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.
Genesis 1:31 (NASB)

24God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;
Acts 17:24 (KJV)

One of my very dear friends is a master craftsman.  He makes furniture.  When my wife and I got married David built us a bookcase as our wedding present.  It sits in our living room and gets daily use.  David has a saying about building things and projects in general; the coolest part of any project never gets seen by anyone but the craftsman.  I’ll wager he remembers the details about every project he’s ever built and can tell you the amazing things that went into it.  Nothing that was made, was made without the involvement of God; specifically Jesus, creation’s Master Craftsman (John 1:3).  Since you are part of creation, that last statement includes you.

God is the beginning of everything, the Alpha, and the ending of everything, Omega (Revelation 1:8).  He sits outside of time seeing the whole of existence, in its entirety.  He sees what he has made, each fiber of its being and knows the best, coolest parts of each creation, and he cares for it too.  He knows everything about you down to the numbers of the hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30 and Luke 12:7).  Nothing about you is hidden from him and still he says you are oh so valuable to him (Luke 12:7).  Not only that, but when God saw all that he had made, all of it, he said it was, “…very good.”  That includes you too.

God knows all there is to know about you.  He knows the good and the bad.  Despite everything you think you’ve done that might drive him away he believes differently.  Nothing you’ve done is beyond his forgiveness because God thinks You Are Worthy.

Questions for Reflection

  • God declared what he has made in you is not just good, but VERY good.  Find three things you’ve done within the last week and write them down on a sticky note to focus on and remember for the coming week.
  • God is an active creator and we are made in his image.  Come up with at least one thing you can make for the coming week you can declare is ‘very good’.  NOTE: this doesn’t have to be something tangible like a piece of furniture.  You can make a new friend, make an effort to read more scripture, or make plans to improve something in your life.  The point here is to DO something, not just talk about it.
  • Whether you’re an accomplished writer or hate the thought of putting pen to paper make a journal this week.  Enter your thoughts and questions into the journal and revisit it as the week goes on to add your musings on the topics that strike you as important.  Journals are a wonderful way to not only work through problems privately but a great way to be able to track the progress of personal improvement.


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